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My Best Game Hacks and Cheats

My Best Game Hacks and Cheats

Here I'll give you me best secrets, guides, hacks, cheats and more to be a master gamer.

04/16/2016 From Overblog

Want some help? Use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

Star wars are all the rage today with a new movie that released this year and talk of another movie being produced. This long-standing series is raking in the doe from many customers, and fans for the series. The game that is littered with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. One such cheat is that you can make a Bot in the game. Bots automatically farm credits, crystals, data packs, and hero shards which will allow you to garner some extra time that doesn’t have to be spent doing this grind. However, this the one the many Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. It seems Star Wars is widely anti hackable, and half the time it is sweeping through to clean out bots. It is disappointing that there are no real Star War Galaxy heroes hacks like infinite money, shards, or farm. But alas, you can just use a bot and farm away until you gain the materials you need.

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